personal styling

The Consult: Free 15 minute phone call

This initial consultation allows you to ask Linsey any questions about the process or packages and find out the best session for your individual style needs. Contact to book in a time that works best for you.


An Education

During your education you will learn about the right fits and colours that work for you. I will teach you about your body shape and how to dress to balance your proportion. I will help you find your individual style, and teach you how to effortlessly create beautiful outfits. Finally, you will learn how to polish things up with accessories, mixing patterns, caring for your clothing and pulling looks together.
$125 (1.5 Hours)

The Closet Clean-Up

Are you the girl with a closet busting open with clothes, but nothing to wear? Closet purges can be overwhelming and emotional. Let me help you unbury yourself from all your regretful purchases, and find the hidden treasures in your closet before you head to the mall. Before we get started I arrive with coffee in hand. We will chat briefly about you style, lifestyle, body type, and colouring. Then the real work starts as together we through your closet piece by piece. Every item of clothes is divided into 4 categories, keep, sell, donate, tailor/dry clean. Once we list of all the clothes that you will be keeping, I show you how to make a few outfits and decide what pieces are missing from your capsule wardrobe and make a detailed shopping list. Items are then organized and placed back in the closet to make getting dressed fast, simple and fun.
$300 ( 2.5 to 3 Hours)

*Combine the Closet Clean-Up & Shopping Trip together and save $75

The Shopping trip

Shopping can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially if you donʼt know where to shop, how to shop or even what to look for. During our consult and/or Closet Clean-up together we will determine your ideal style based on your needs, budget, personality and lifestyle. Next, I will help you determine your body shape. I will teach you how to dress your shape based on your proportions. Finally, I will show you how to choose colours that work with your individual colouring. The day of our “Shopping Trip” I will pre-shop and choose items that will work for you based on the information above. I will place the items on hold so they are waiting for you when we start our shopping session. Together we go to each store to try on the chosen pieces, along with anything else that catches your eye. While your in the fitting room we can decide what works, what doesn’t and why. This experience is completely customized to suit you and your budget.
$375 (3.5 - 4 Hours)

*Combine the Closet Clean-Up & Shopping Trip together and save $75

professional makeup application

With over a decade of experience as a makeup artist I have worked on the faces of hundreds of women. Are you getting married soon or do you need to glam it up for a special event? Perhaps your launching your own business and need polished natural looking for head shots. Whatever your makeup needs I can customize a look that suits you and highlights your natural beauty.
$65-$125 (price varies according to travel/event type/ number of participants)