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I have always been the girl with stacks of magazines in my room, dog-eared to all the fashion and beauty articles. I constantly gave my parents heart palpitations with my frequent fashion risks including rainbow hair and bell bottoms. Nothing made me happier then searching through the racks at my local thrift shop, and scoring a vintage find that I could remaster!

A few years later, off to university I went and proudly became an Elementary School Teacher. My first summer break, and I immediately registered for training to become a makeup artist. From that point on I spent my Monday to Friday in the classroom, and my weekends beautifying bridal parties. Fast forward again, and it was my turn to get married, and have two beautiful babies of my own. While on maternity leave, I met so many amazing women that were struggling with how to dress their ever changing post-baby bodies. It was a sign that I could not ignore. I became a student for Professional Styling at the Toronto Fashion Academy. While there, I had the most incredible experience working backstage at fashion shows and styling photo shoots. As much as I enjoyed the world of high fashion, I knew I was truly passionate about helping women just like me. I wanted to teach people about accessible style and beauty tips so they could sustain it on their own. I wholeheartedly believe that knowledge is power, and there is no better feeling than transferring that power onto someone else. Style Literacy, will teach women how to organize their closets, and create capsule wardrobes that work for their body, personality, budget, and lifestyle.

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